David McNamee

Hi! I'm a software developer from Toronto, soon to be graduating from the University of Waterloo!

Here's where I've worked so far:

At Robinhood, I've been learning all about Payments! I'm helping to integrate the Robinhood system with Stripe so that you can fund your Robinhood account via debit card.
At Meta, I dived deep into Intel SGX -- a hardware-level technology that encrypts memory at runtime, and protects you from high-privileged malware.
At Wish, I rebuilt the Merchant Product API (v3), giving it both a speed boost and better DX!
At Lazer Technologies, I created the pilot version of the AirMiles Shopify App.
At SnapTravel, I built a library to connect directly to hotel-deal suppliers! (as opposed to using an aggregator service)

When I'm not working, I like to code for fun!

  • Starburst is a framework that will (someday soon) allow you to build and connect microservices seamlessly. So smooth, it'll feel like you're building a monolith!
  • groupShot is a video-chat app that I built for a hackathon. It crops you out and overlays your video feed with that of your partner's, so that you can feel like you're together even when socially distanced.

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, Github, or Discord [davidmcnamee#3535] :)